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Jaipur : A sophisticated candle, bringing to mind the languid charm and sensual magnetism of a slower-paced Life under the relentless Desert Sun. Mellow, sweet-spicy Neroli blends with spicy-woody notes of European Cypress and the freshness of Mandarin Lime. A thoughtful gift that makes for a beautiful addition to existing home decor sensibilities. Madurai : Made with Essential Oils of the finest, handpicked Mogra (Jasmine) flowers, this candle captures the old-world charm and sense of sacred devotion in Madurai. A perfectly luxuriant option, this Mogra Candle helps soothe a fatigued Mind and Body at the end of a long day. Kolkata : Infused with the deep, heady fragrance of the 'Rojoni Gandha' (Bengali: 'Scent of the Night), or Tuberose. The exotic fragrance is a steady favourite across homes in Calcutta, as the meditative calm and tranqullity it induces effectively dispels the uncomfortable stuffiness of humid weather. Like Mogra, Tuberose is famed in traditional aromatherapy practices for its sensuous, aphrodisiac properties. A sophisticated candle to scent the Home and help enliven the Senses.

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